60 all about online dating limited

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60 all about online dating limited

I don't believe there were any other real people, other than me. My bank notified me when the company made an attempt to take out more than I had authorized and shut down my credit card.

The company does not allow you to cancel billing online. You end up talking to a customer service rep who has a language barrier.

Instead of them having a confirm payment button it just automatically takes your money with one accidental click. But no it was against their policies to give refunds even if it was only a few minutes of purchase. The representative kept trying to talk me into another subscription. I canceled my subscription to over the phone and the representative explained they would not refund my money, and talked to me like I was ignorant.

50 - Southampton, Hampshire Who said a great pair of shoes never changed anything...

ask Cinders I think that this will take a little while to draft, edit and finally publish.....

Whether it's a serious relationship or casual fun, this is the place for totally free online dating.

I woke up one morning and just looked at my life and said, Stuff it... the thing I believe I do the best is writing songs so why am I spending every day stressed, unhappy and trying to keep my company afloat!!

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