Biblical view of validating feelings

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Biblical view of validating feelings

The problem arises though when people begin attributing the healing to Benny Hinn's gifting and ministry.

But remember by God healing someone at these crusades doesn't mean he's validating Benny Hinn's ministry.

Rarely do I ever hear a person say well Benny must be of God because his teachings are so biblical.

Its usually people with Benny Hinn and there feelings concerning him, that they draw there conclusions from and not the Bible.

Instead those from outside roll into town to do what the local body should be doing, exercising spiritual gifts.

If one is sick they are to go to the elders of the Church and be anointed with oil. We are all praying to the same God and he has no favorites.So the question we face is what of those people who testify they've been healed at these crusades; well I'm of the opinion that there are people that have been healed at Benny Hinn crusades in the same way there have been people healed in hospital rooms, in there cars, in there living room, at work etc.God doesn't stop healing believers simply because their at a Benny Hinn crusade, nor does He stop healing if they do not attend.Despite his disobedience God supplied refreshing water for Israel.Having said this we see the mercy of God for his people. Where is the faith when someone says "I knew if I got to you God would heal me!

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But its not just faith but the atmosphere that makes it exciting as well as manipulative.