Bosnia and herzegovina community dating sites

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Bosnia and herzegovina community dating sites

During the nearly four years of war that followed, relations between the peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina disintegrated further, and people naturally rallied around their respective flags.

Finally, when the Sarajevo suburbs were transferred in February and March of this year to Federation authorities, a new sort of bloodless "cleansing" displaced more Serbs.2 Although citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina elected nationalists to power, they did not expect their vote to result in the wholesale destruction of their homeland.At that time, the nationalist parties were broad coalitions, and local candidates reflected the very different concerns of communities spread throughout the republic.In its wake, the phrase etnicko ciscenje (ethnic cleansing) passed from Bosnian into the international lexicon.It encapsulates the brutality of a conflict aimed at expelling members of the "other" ethnic groups and eradicating all traces of alien culture.

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Although this call was partly answered by the decision of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) to postpone municipal elections because of the blatant manipulation of the registration of refugee voters in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Republic of Croatia, the OSCE did not regard this as sufficient reason for postponing the general elections.