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He later worked as an editor, columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winning @nytimes correspondent. Breaking: 5 dead, 21 injured following West Texas shooting. Gelb was 30 years old when in 1967 he took charge of the team that compiled the secret Pentagon Papers.He shares his behind-the-scenes interview techniques with @brianstelter on this week's Reliable podcast…"There is a lot about Donald Trump that he finds absurd and repellent but he is trying to maintain this disciplined approach of not speaking ill of a sitting president," says @Jeffrey Goldberg, speaking about his interviews with James Mattis…He had been engaged in this field since he was in his early age.

The extraordinary Trump tracker ⁦@ddale8⁩ led the way with team ⁦@tarasubramaniam⁩ and ⁦@jestraley⁩. How @real Donald Trump's signature initiative to help poor communities is fueling a once-in-a-generation bonanza for the wealthiest Americans — including Trump's family and advisers. On Sunday's "Reliable Sources," watch @The Atlantic's EIC @Jeffrey Goldberg on the significance -- and subtext -- of his interview with former Defense Secretary James Mattis. W9Exiu Td How did @Jeffrey Goldberg try to glean new information from the famously coy James Mattis? Brian Stelter was initially dating Nicole Lapin, American television news anchor, author and businesswoman but they split. She is best known for being the NY1 morning traffic reporter. The couple has a cute little daughter named Sunny Ray Stelter who was born on .In the year 2007 after leaving Towson, he joined The New York Times as a media reporter in July 2007.She’ll lead integrated strategy, marketing, communications and business development.

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The couple has a cute little daughter named Sunny Ray Stelter who was born on .

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