Dating a security guard

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As a Security Officer, you are the 1st Responder (especially if you have been trained and certified in First Aid, AED and CPR).Now you must call 9–1–1 (while assisting the patient in any way possible) and then you or your backup Officer must guide the paramedics to the location of the patient as soon as they arrive on-site.Here's her story: My most awkward moment happened in a parking lot after a concert.My boyfriend at the time had worked late, so to save time, we took my car to the show, leaving his car at work.

I threw my shirt back on, turned on my car and sped out of there.

HR made me disclose from whom I got my information, and I told them if asked, I would deny telling them.

But I don’t know that I can live with this secret hanging over our relationship and always wondering if my friend knows it was me who told HR about it.

We laughed as we drove around to kill time but it didn't kill the mood.

We needed up in another lot down the street to "finish up" before returning to pick up his car.__Oof! I'm glad you two were able to have a chuckle—and finish the job.

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