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Dating in the caribbean

Azziel said the church was a large part of her upbringing as well.

She “grew up very Christian because that’s what was shoved down our throats.” Jeshurun’s grandfather is a pastor, so he was deeply involved with the church.

For Laekin, going to school in New York City helped eliminate that problem. John’s University in Queens has a population of over 20,000 students.

Most people I spoke too talked about growing up in the church. Amin is a gay Caribbean and Muslim activist who noted that arranged marriages are common in his home country of Guyana and a young person not getting married in their early 20s can reflect badly on the parents.

Trinidad and Tobago native Azziel Smith always felt attracted to women and has dated them exclusively for the past three years.

Meliq uses their job as a tool to educate their students and Mohamed Q. Supreme Court recognized same-sex marriage and was a direct response to anti-LGBTQ violence in Richmond Hill, Queens.

Amin founded The Caribbean Equality Project or CEP is a non-profit organization based in Queens, New York that aims to “empower and strengthen” the marginalized voices of LGBTQ people from the Caribbean and of a Caribbean background. Mohamed and his brother, Zaman, were victims of a hate crime in that same neighborhood in 2013 and he knew he had to do something.

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“You can get beat up and call the police, but they won’t call it a hate crime,” said Jesh about the attitude toward homosexuality in the Caribbean.

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