Dating married coworker

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Dating married coworker

“There’s something exciting about knowing a person in one context, then crossing over into a new kind of relationship,” says Andrea Syrtash, author of .

— have had an office romance at some point in their careers, according to a 2016 survey by ranking site

Mainiero says the couples who go far tend to be the ones who “drew a strong boundary line” between their work and personal lives.

Every company has different rules for interoffice dating, and it’s wise you look at them closely before you confess to anyone that you’re together.

Be aware that relationships in the workplace are usually seen as inappropriate or even forbidden.

If you do end up in a relationship, ponder whether you value your job or this man more.

When things get serious (and after you’ve reviewed your company rules), it’s a good time for you to broach the topic with your HR rep, but only after you’ve discussed it as a couple.

For the most part, leadership will respect that you’re being up-front with them and won’t want to lose your talent.

“And be prepared to show how this will not influence business,” says human resources and career consultant Elaine Varelas.

Yes, your manager will have to be notified or told about your relationship, but that does not mean anyone else (besides HR) has to know.

It’s up to you as a couple to decide which co-workers you deem trustworthy enough to know about your status, but it’s not necessary for you to tell them. “Never divulge personal details about your significant other to your co-workers, as it can be both embarrassing and damaging to your partner’s career,” warns Carmen Harra, Ph.

And whatever you do, don’t make a mockery of your S. D., a psychologist, relationship expert, and author of Whatever you do, you need to discuss what will happen if the relationship is not successful.

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You’re not being a Negative Nancy here—you’re just being realistic because if things end, you’d like it to be civil so you don’t feel pressured to leave your job.

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