Difference between dating sim visual novel ryan kelly dating

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Difference between dating sim visual novel

I hope this list might help clarifying the difference.To put a couple of clear examples, The Question is a Ren'ai game, while Summer Session is a Dating sim.Doesn't giving an accurate description of the subject take priority over following English-language convention?After all, this is not supposed to be a dictionary (though people still will be able to find the page through "Dating sim"), but an encyclopedia giving "a worldwide view of the subject." Skyworm (talk) , 14 December 2007 (UTC)If you take a look at [1], there is a list there with more than 120 games: most of them are Ren'ai, while only some are actual Dating sims.A Ren'ai game can be a Dating Sim, or a Visual or Kinetic Novel, or any hybrid point between these and maybe other categories.

I thought that was the clearest description I've seen and the easiest distinction.

I noticed that the Otome game page has a suggestion on it to merge with dating sim. The entire visual novel family needs to become more consistent. No, the girl never directly ask you "What is my favourite color? Instead, when shoping with protagonist, she will ask to pick a piece of good and player will get choice of colors.

Personally, I don't think it's a good idea, as otome games are targeted towards a total different audience compared to most games referred to as dating sims, and 'dating sims' an accepted genre anyway? Seriously, there is an angry HOMOPHOBE who delete every Yaoi article. Persona 3's social link question are good example to this.

Perhaps we could make that distinction more obvious. Dating-sims usually have a statistic system while visual novels are more choice/flag dependent.

Yes there is some meshing but Kana Imouto and most if not all of the other g-collections games are not dating-sims just marketed incorrectly as such.

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There are, of course, many hybrids that blur the line between both categories, like the The Nettestadt Troll, which mostly runs as a typical Ren'ai visual novel but at a certain point starts including DS elements.

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