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but I was so desperate to be in a relationship that I basically fell in love with anyone I had decent chemistry with, before even getting to know them properly.

So I'm going to try to work on myself for a while, getting used to being alone and independent.

If you can answer that honestly, you can make changes. If you do what advice, I can tell you what helped me, but I won’t preach unsolicited. It would be unethical or even illegal to date people I meet through work.

I’ve been single for 6 years, but I’ll stay single for as long as it takes to find someone that I’m excited to be with, and who is just as excited to be with me.Just don’t be a creep in your communication with people! I've been looking back at my past relationships and realized most guys I've dated have been wrong for me.They may not have been necessarily bad guys (although there are some really unhappy endings)...I have a friend like this who is extremely introverted.I tried to explain to them that they actually have to go outside to meet someone local (online was causing mass drama).

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I made the decision to start working out and put on quite a bit of muscle which boosted my self esteem considerably, but I was still nearly paralyzed with fear talking to girls I liked, booze helped, lol.

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