Love usa asian dating

Posted by / 01-Apr-2019 23:06

Denigrating jokes (or just altogether racist rants) about the size of Asian guys’ dicks are so common they’re not even recognized as racist rhetoric. Never mind that the majority of studies have been based on shaky research methods (data that’s been self-reported or, in some cases, “gathered from websites”).

I refuse to exclude white men from my dating pool, just as I would not write off any other group of men on the basis of race.

Do these contrasting depictions mess with my psyche? No one is immune to racist indoctrination, though I’m older and more informed now, and therefore less susceptible than I might have been as a young girl.

But I grew up watching this stuff, and so did all the other women out there now claiming that their aversion to dating Asian men is just a matter of taste.

Asian men aren’t inherently less attractive, less virile or less valiant, so I can’t fathom why such notions are widely accepted as truth.

The fact that these stereotypes are not even questioned by otherwise curious, intelligent people doesn’t just boggle my mind; it infuriates me.

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People shouldn’t discriminate against Asian men because we’ve all been culturally influenced to do so.