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Joe Scarborough was named in the as one of the most influential people in the world.

But 53-year-old Charles Joseph Scarborough, doesn’t seem very influential with his relationships, does he?

The MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-hosts got engaged this past weekend during a romantic trip to the south of France and Monaco to celebrate Brzezinski’s 50th birthday.

We’re told Scarborough, 54, got down on one knee and proposed at the scenic Bar Bellini at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, which has a breathtaking moonlit outdoor terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

The relationships between the hosts and the incoming president dates back more than a decade, and frankly, it served them well throughout the election. Our slogan, by the way, before we even knew Donald Trump was going to run for office, is “Where America’s leaders start their day.”Does Donald watch you every morning? It certainly seems like he watches us a great deal. Trump, who understands the media, understands that. I remember watching the morning after the One way I square it is I sought the advice of people who are a lot smarter than me. If we’ve seen one thing from Donald Trump, it’s that he says one thing one day, and another thing another.

( beat CNN during the first three quarters of this year in the key ratings demographic, the first time it has done so since early 2014, according to MSNBC.)In the midst of criticism over how close that feedback loop is running, Scarborough and Brzezinski wanted to unspool themselves. Even when he was tweeting that we were horrible and neurotic and awful human beings and he will never watch the show again, I’d always turn to the camera and say, “Good morning, Donald.” I also would challenge you—and I say this with great respect for our counterparts in the media, to George Stephanopoulos, Chris Cuomo, Scott Pelley, John Dickerson, women, as well—I challenge you to find anybody who has said or written comments that are more tough and more serious and more critical when necessary of Donald Trump. to see what the smart set in Washington and Manhattan are thinking this morning.”Some of your competitors have come out and criticized you guys in a much less veiled way. When Hillary Clinton deserved to be praised, we praised her. We don’t know where he’s going to end up, and I guess that could be a glimmer of hope. I don’t really know what happened to the women who made accusations against him. I end up going to a place where I know my Democratic friends and family hate to even bring it up.

He was married to Susan Waren, a former aide to Florida Governor Jeb Bush and a former congressional committee staffer. Joe Scarborough was married to Melanie Hinton in 1986. Their divorce took place in 1999 after 13 years of seemingly happy marriage.

Two years after the divorce, in October 2001, Scarborough married Susan Waren, making him his second wife.

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That’s also how they describe the frustration they’ve been feeling over the last several weeks, as colleagues and columnists have repeatedly slammed the duo for their treatment of Donald Trump, their longtime friend turned president-elect.

reported that Trump “often” seeks out Scarborough’s counsel; and media observers have made claims that Scarborough had “joined the team” in order to maintain access.

Our competitors made this massive narrative creating an attack on us. You have all these people in the press who are ringing their hands over fake news stories. But he apparently is becoming unhinged for some reason. I don’t say anything to him and Mika doesn’t say anything to him that we don’t say on the show. In our most recent conversation, I told him I want him to do something big for women. So I’m not sure why this is being translated by our competitors, and the narrative they want to create as dirty. Andrea Mitchell for a very long time has been right in the middle of the Washington social scene, and that’s not dirty. This has been going on for 200 years in Washington, D. The question is: Do you call it straight, regardless of knowing people? And then we’d continue doing what we do and then we’d have dinner again with Valerie. He accused us of committing adultery over eight years. Mika has never been able to turn a blind eye to what Bill Clinton has done and what Donald Trump did.

What’s so ironic is that CNN’s doing reports on fake news, and they have someone who writes one false news story after the next. Even after the facts came out that we did not, they continued to churn out those lies. I said some really critical things about the candidate along the way. She is really interested in doing something really powerful and meaningful with women. As far as Donald Trump goes, I think we’ve seen him once since the election and that was when Mika went up to see Ivanka. What we have is access, and we’re literally being as transparent as we can about it. You could say the same thing about Cokie Roberts, who’s been a fixture in Washington, D. It wasn’t easy at times, saying the things that I said about Barack Obama, knowing that Valerie Jarrett was watching, that she was a good friend of ours, and that we would be having dinner in a couple of weeks. We never strayed from our gut instincts when Barack Obama was in the White House over the last eight years, and I’m not sure why people think we’re going to stray from our gut instincts now. VIDEO: The Evolution of Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign I called Donald Trump a racist. In many places, and for you guys, too, being critical of Trump has served people well in ratings.

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