Mm dating tips

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Mm dating tips

But honestly, I’d need to do at least a full length self-help book to cover all the topics needed there. You’re drinking your coffee or sitting at a desk, hanging out in a waiting room, or managing children. This long lists includes poor societal socialization, the ever-present double standard, mothers coddling their sons, fathers absolving their sons of responsibility, a learned disrespect for women, male privilege, rape culture, unrealistic romantic expectations, poor communication skills, dishonesty, just plain bad manners…or most likely a combination of all of these things.

Now I’m not going to go all Emily Post on you and give you a full guide to the etiquette of dating- although I could. There are a lot of reasons why I think the current dating culture is garbage.

We want partners who can respect our education and work experience and full lives and add to it with their own without expecting us to give up ourselves to accommodate them.

We do the first date for you with our in-depth questionnaire.

We also notice when you’re not actually listening and just trying to make appropriate listening noises. Are you just looking for sex and not an actual relationship? Do you really just want a FWB (friends with benefits) arrangement?

We’re definitely not remotely impressed with a dating culture eaten up by dishonesty. Go ahead and fly whatever freak flag you’re hiding because we’re going to figure it out sooner or later, and if it’s later, we might be a bit pissed that you hid it — particularly if been honest at each juncture.

It seems that most men think honesty is actually taboo when most women are truly ready for it. I know that all of this applies to women, too- being inauthentic, not communicating about what we really want, and doing a lot of the same behaviors I just mentioned that I’ve experienced with men.

While I haven’t experienced this, men I know have reported similar disappointments with the dating culture.

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To get to know someone for who they are and not who we need them to be to complete our happy ever after story. We just need to show up willing to know them and to let ourselves be known. When we have expectations that we’re looking for someone to meet, we often overlook the qualities that don’t align with that vision. It’s how I’ve dated smokers when I have an allegedly firm policy against this.

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