Oracle trigger updating predicate multiple columns

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Oracle trigger updating predicate multiple columns

I know that one way this can be achived is by granting drop any table system previledge. Hello, I need help in developing a simple interactive page where people across my team can use it to insert/update and select data from an Oracle table. What tools and technologies should I use and how to use them?

create table t1 as select * from all_users; create table t2 as select * from all_users; I create the first view as follows: create or replace view v1 as select t1.user_id, t2.username, rownum r from t1 inner join t2 on ( t1.user_id = t2.user_id ); select * from table(dbms_xplan.display); PLAN_TABLE_OUTPUT -------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Id | Operation | Name | Rows | Bytes | Cost | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 0 | SELECT STATEMENT | | | | | |* 1 | VIEW | V1 | | | | | 2 | COUNT | | | | | | 3 | MERGE JOIN | | | | | | 4 | SORT JOIN | | | | | | 5 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | T2 | | | | |* 6 | SORT JOIN | | | | | | 7 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | T1 | | | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Predicate Information (identified by operation id): -------------------------------------------------------- 1 - filter("V1"."USERNAME"=' FRED') 6 - access("T1"."USER_ID"="T2"."USER_ID") filter("T1"."USER_ID"="T2"."USER_ID") ) shows that the predicate was not pushed into the view.

I could list all columns except the one, which should not induce a firing of the trigger.

This is quite cumbersome for tables with many columns.

It is certainly not worth coding a complicated implementation in a trigger - a tax which you will pay on every single update - in order to avoid an occasional changes to the DDL script. However, you might be able to write an alter trigger on the table to regenerate the update trigger automatically if any columns are added or removed.

So, just type out all the column names now, and wait to see whether maintanance becomes an issue.

Moving a Table Because of the reorganization of one of my data files, I have to move one table to another data file. One is to create another tablespace, export the table, drop the table, precreate it in another tablespace, and import it.

The other is to use the ALTER TABLE MOVE operation across data files.

I posted this in Database General yesterday and didn't get a response, so I'm trying here (in the hope that a better class of problem solver hangs out here!

) Is it possible for a there to be a delay in updating a VPD predicate based on a security context?

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i need to generate my output as Date----12/01/200312/02/200312/03/200...

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