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We’d never spoken like this before, and I was coming on pretty strong with my self-pity.

She indulged me; listened to me complain about my girlfriend, about long-distance fidelity, about not wanting to be the kind of man who rationalized his desire to betray, but who still couldn’t understand why love was proved by exclusivity.

My date, a slight girl with glasses, is two steps ahead of me, half-turned and smiling.

She is holding an old bag and wearing an outfit thrown together from a half-abandoned Goth phase. Her voice has a quality not immediately explicable by accent or other distinct feature; it is neither high nor, despite her origins, discernibly Long Island, unless she gets to shouting.

I suspect she knew what I was doing, but found it charming enough to play along. My hometown girlfriend moved to Chicago and we leased an apartment together.

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By mid-fall, it was over and she found her own place in town.

I kept after Lou, and manufactured calls became manufactured outings.

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