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(2014) which featured songs like “Digital Witness”, “Birth in Reverse”, etc.

St Vincent’s debut album Marry Me was released on July 10, 2007, by Beggars Banquet Records. St Vincent was first seen in an episode of the talk show Late Show with David Letterman as herself in 2009.

It makes sense, then, that much of is taken with the idea of human transformation, as evidenced by the album's prosthetically-enhanced cover art.

On "The One Who Broke Your Heart", we hear of "the beautiful people" who "did some work on your face." Clark sings of the hopeful revelations of a gradual thawing process on "Ice Age".

Libra Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States New York City, United States Anne went to the Lake Highlands High School in Dallas, Texas from where she graduated in 2001.

During her time at the school, she participated in theater and jazz band and was Glee star Mark Salling‘s classmate.

Though not quite as moving (or danceable) as "Child", "Who" was an encouraging sign for the duo's project. Vincent's Annie Clark fit well amidst a few of Byrne's favorite tricks: lyrics doubling as a series of philosophical questions, a croony curiosity about the wider world, and an arrangement loaded with the brazen brass blurts (Clark's idea, actually) that Byrne first fell for via his album.

A few months later, "Who" opens the duo's full-length album, which falls short of both the single's early promise, and the on-paper perfection of the pairing.

Given all the things Byrne and Clark pack into Love This Giant, it's a remarkably catchy and concise set of songs featuring some of the most vibrant work that either one of them has produced.

Vincent's Annie Clark is largely concerned with human transformation.

On the surface, these two have quite a few commonalities, but collaborations aren't always as simple as pairing two smart artists cut from the same cloth.

Though the album's brass-driven sound suggests Byrne's post-Talking Heads work more than St.

Vincent's guitar acrobatics (Clark fans may be disappointed that her playing is relegated to the sidelines here, albeit artfully so), it was actually Clark's idea to write these songs for a brass band when the project began as a handful of songs the duo was going to perform in a bookstore.

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