Tamara mellon dating

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Tamara mellon dating

It was a very public failure for the former golden girl of retail, once ranked the 64th richest woman in Britain, worth an estimated £99 million.

But Tamara, rather like an indomitable heroine from dramatic fiction, has once again picked herself up, dusted herself off, and is back on top.

Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon has battled her way back from addiction and bankruptcy, but the sudden death of her ex-husband Matthew in April strained her emotions to the limit.

"We're really excited to have a project to work on together.Until now an online business (tamaramellon.com), this month the label has opened its first store, at LA’s glamorous new Palisades Village shopping mall.When we sit down to chat in her ‘dressing room’ – an area at the back of her office, with sofas and racks of jewel-bright outfits – she pops on a pair of aviator-style glasses; but, not 15 minutes into our conversation, she is removing them again and reaching for a tissue when the subject of Matthew’s death comes up.‘Matthew was an addict and had drug issues his whole life, but he never took heroin until the last three years.’ Shortly before his death, however, he’d been trying to break his addiction with ibogaine, an experimental plant-based therapy administered by the Clear Sky Recovery centre in Mexico.‘It plugs the brain’s opioid receptors so you don’t have cravings, but it runs out after three months,’ says Tamara.

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