Technology dating buzzfeed

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Technology dating buzzfeed

“This makes us more aware of the diversity of the people in our social circle.” It creates communities: “Before the industrial revolution, you lived in communities with your grandparents and aunts and cousins all next door,” Weiss says.Now because of work and education and movement, families may be more spread out, so people flock to communities online, Hampton says.As we spend more and more time snuggled up with our smartphones, laptops, and tablets, a big question looms: Are these devices bringing us closer together or further apart?The answer may depend on which decade you were born in.

Hampton adds digital technology provides a platform to ask for that help quickly.

TEDCO, Maryland’s economic engine for technology companies, announces it has selected Jody Sprinkle as the new director of government relations to start on September 3, 2019.

Sprinkle joins TEDCO with nearly 20 years as a policy analyst for various entities in the Maryland General Assembly.

Since this generation of teenagers has more homework and activities than any before it, much of their social life is online.

A recent survey found that only 25% of teenagers spend face-to-face time outside of school with their friends every day. More than 80% of teens in the survey say social media makes them feel more connected to their friends’ lives, and 70% feel more in tune with their friends’ feelings.

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Though we often hear about teen bullying, 68% of teens on social media say they get support from their social network through tough times. What other people post makes 21% of teens feel worse about their lives.

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