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Posted by / 24-Jun-2019 23:58

After exhaustive research into all facets of existing business models for dating sites and mobile dating apps, Jason Lee reached the conclusion the internet dating business is moving from a growth stage into a more flat or even declining stage and that as a result ultimately the business is not best suited as a premium service.

Moreover, his research showed as barriers to entry are further reduced and as user acquisition costs continue to rise the only way to build a service that could gain wide brand recognition was to focus on providing an excellent user experience while substantially pushing down the costs of business operations.

Our core values center on respect of our members and respect for honest business practices.

Our portfolio of free mobile dating sites comprises over 120 of the best free mobile dating communities online.

Everyday, people just like you share our completely free dating sites with their friends and with each new member the overall community strengthens.

Thats how healthy relationships start and become long-lasting partnerships. At Friends Date Network you can always rely on us for courteous and prompt follow-up.

We respect our members privacy and would never jeopardize our position of trust with our members.

When you join any of the Friends Date Network free dating sites you can rest assured your your privacy is placed above all else.

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