Updating boot caches os x

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If for some reason the routine seems stuck (which is rare but may happen), since it is just a checking routine, you can force-quit Disk Utility to halt the check and return your system to a usable state.

There are also alternatives to the Disk Utility program built in to OS X.

If you are concerned about your Mac starting to run slow or become unstable, you may have looked into regularly running maintenance routines to clear caches, log files, and other temporary items from your system.

Simply select your boot volume in the device list (this will be the name of your boot drive), and then hold the Option, Command, or Shift key and select the drive device itself, which will have the size and manufacturer in its name.

With both of these selected, click the Verify Disk button and the system will check the partition tables and formatting of the drive.

The following are examples of all three of these options: diskutil verify Volume "Macintosh HD" diskutil verify Volume Macintosh\ HD diskutil verify Volume disk0s2 diskutil verify Volume / When you run these commands, the system will check the boot drive and output status similarly to what is seen in the Disk Utility log window.

The final option is to use the "fsck" routine, which is similar to the diskutil command and runs the same checking routines, but is a little barer.

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