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Updating kde menu

To install or fix GRUB 2 on a UEFI system on Fedora 18 or newer, you need to do four things: UEFI firmware, in general, likes to boot from an EFI System Partition on a disk with a GPT label. The grub2-efi package installs a prebaked grubx64on the EFI System partition, which looks for on the ESP in /EFI/fedora/ whereas the grub2-install command creates a custom grubx64.efi, deletes the original installed one, and looks for in /boot/grub2/. If you're already booted in EFI mode and EFI runtime services are working correctly, you can configure your boot menu with to create new entries with different names.

grub2-mkconfig will add entries for other operating systems it can find.

That will be done based on the output of the os-prober tool.

That might however not work so well, especially not for booting other Linux operating systems, and especially not on UEFI systems. Note If GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT is set to true, then, when an entry is selected, save it as a new default entry for use by future runs of GRUB.

(Other distributions, in particular Debian and Debian-derived distributions provide a software patch that adds an command which is neither included nor needed in Fedora.) Manual changes might however be overwritten with grub2-mkconfig next time the system is upgraded with anaconda.

Some customizations can be placed in /etc/grub.d/40_custom or /boot/grub2/and will survive running grub2-mkconfig. When you power on your system, your firmware will look for EFI variables that tell it how to boot.

grub2-install will install the bootloader - usually in the MBR, in free unpartioned space, and as files in /boot.

It is responsible for loading and transferring control to the operating system kernel, (Linux, in the case of Fedora).

The kernel, in turn, initializes the rest of the operating system.

Terminal device is chosen with GRUB_TERMINAL; additional quote from Valid terminal output names depend on the platform, but may include ‘console’ (PC BIOS and EFI consoles), ‘serial’ (serial terminal), ‘gfxterm’ (graphics-mode output), ‘ofconsole’ (Open Firmware console), or ‘vga_text’ (VGA text output, mainly useful with Coreboot).

Manjaro is a professionally made Linux based operating system that is a suitable replacement for Windows or Mac OS.

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