Updating kde suse dating pro russian nulled

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Updating kde suse

To continue after this warning, you must click Continue (Figure 5).

Depending upon how many updates are available, the process can take a while.

Sit back and enjoy or go about administering your other machines or network.

Once the update completes, reboot the machine (if prompted) and enjoy the latest iteration of your software packages.

Click that icon and search hundreds of thousands of apps to install.

From within Ya ST2 you can do a great many things ─ one of which is manage the software on your system.Updates are handled from within the same Ya ST2 sub-section (Software).Within that sub-section, you will find an entry called Online Update.To resolve any issues, click Continue when presented with the dependency resolutions.If the kernel is being updated, Ya ST will inform you that a reboot will be necessary.

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