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Updating sql tables from excel

To make the data more accurate in the workbook, you need to change in Excel options.

Now you check the “Manual”, only when you manually recalculate the worksheet (Press F9) or workbook (Press Shift F9), the formula will recalculate.

The WHERE clause specifies which record(s) that should be updated.The VBA Code is below: Sub Run SELECT() Dim cn As Object, rs As Object, output As String, sql as String '---Connecting to the Data Source--- Set cn = Create Object("ADODB. Sometimes you will see the information that asks you whether you want to save the changes or not. It is indeed a very good feature that can avoid data loss to certain degree.The easiest way is to check whether the “Undo” button is available. To figure out the reason, you may continue referring to the rest of the article. Sometimes you will use it in your worksheet to get some random numbers.In an Excel with plenty of data, it will certainly contain formulas. Other functions also include NOW, TODAY and others.

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On the other hand, if this is a macro workbook, certain codes will also have the same effect.

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