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Uses and application of radiation in radioactive dating

Sterilisation of Food and Surgical Instruments Gamma rays kill bacteria.

Therefore irradiating food or surgical instruments is a good way of ensuring they are sterile.

The source is sealed so that only gamma rays get out.

Therefore the irradiated substance is sterile but NOT radioactive.

This is possible because some natural elements tend to concentrate in certain parts of the body: iodine in the thyroid, phosphorus in the bones, potassium in the muscles.

When a patient is injected with a radioactive element, a special camera can take pictures of the internal workings of the organ.

The gamma rays penetrate packaging, so the food or instrument can be sealed and then sterilised so that re-contamination cannot occur.

No radioactive source particles are allowed to get in touch with the irradiated substance.

Vaseline Glass is a particular color of yellow-green glass that is made by adding 2% Uranium Dioxide to the ingredients when the glass formula is made.The Apollo Moon missions used a radioisotope thermal generator (RTG).The NASA designation for the devices that powered the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package (ALSEP) for missions 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17 was SNAP-27 (Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power model number 27).one of the application of radiation to food is that,it delays the fruit ripening and it also help prevent the growth of microoganism..agriculture ,the usage of tracer allows scientist to optimize the use of fertilizing chemical..ionizing radiation from radioisotope was used to produce crops that are disease resistant....also creates crops with a shorter growing time,that help the farmer to reduce their expenses.... The development of medical scanners and radiation therapy was made possible through the application of knowledge of the inner structure and behavior of atoms. Incoming radiation or solar radiation is called short wave and the radiation emitted from the earths surface and atmosphere (heat radiation) is in the infra -red spectrum and is known as long wave radiation. Other than by surgery or in combination with chemotherapy (drugs), cancerous tissues can also be eliminated using radiation therapy. There are two main types of radiation: External Radiation External radiation is the most common type of radiation, typically given after lumpectomy and sometimes, mastectomy. Diffused radiation The solar radiation reaching the surface of atmosphere of earth is known as extra terrestrial radiation.

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The addition of the Uranium Dioxide makes the glass color yellow-gr Radium was painted on the hands of clocks, so they would glow in the dark.