Weatherlink not updating wunderground

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=false : METAR rain words (if any) will be displayed as current condition.=true : current station rain rate will set words (as shown below) and rain words direct from METAR are removed. Words and selection criteria: "Light Rain" when rain rate is = 50 mm (2.0 in) per hour If this setting is ommitted from Settings-weather.php, the default will be assumed as 'true' to enable the function.If enabled, the rain words from the METAR will be removed, and the above words used based on the current rain rate.

Weather Link IP is plug-and-play there is no annual subscription to upload your data to the Weather Link Cloud and start enjoying viewing your current conditions anywhere & anytime.Data is uploaded to Weather every minute automatically. ) Build and customize your bulletin dashboard to receive current data updates from all of your installed sensors.You can move and resize tiles to see the data just the way you like it.Click on a station to see a summary of current data and click the bulletin to see the stations customized weather dashboard.Mobilize Use the Davis Mobilize App on i OS or Android to create custom frost, weather, crop and irrigation views for web and mobile.

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Its powerful enough to help avoid losing your farm crop to frost, and fun for the data-savvy backyard gardener looking to perfect their tomato crop.

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