What to expect from dating scan

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What to expect from dating scan

Scans are a medical screening tests which are offered to all pregnant women, but there is a choice about whether you accept them or not – they are not a requirement.

The first scan is used to confirm the pregnancy, so will be checking for a foetus with a heartbeat, and they are growing in the right place. The sonographer will also measure the baby to estimate when your baby is due.It is possible to tell whether you are expecting a girl or a boy from around 16-17 weeks of pregnancy, but whether it can be discovered will depend on the position that your baby is in.Be aware, though, that it's not always possible for the sonographer to be 100% certain about your baby's sex, and because it is an interpretation, sometimes mistakes can be made.Most scans are carried out by specially trained staff called sonographers.They are carried out in a dimly lit room and your partner will be asked to lie down and lower their skirt or trousers to the hips and raise their top so the sonographer can access their tummy.

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While routine scans can be reassuring, it is also important to balance them with the understanding that they cannot diagnose everything.

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