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It's kind of a lonely place I don't want to be put in a box of Democrat or Republican or liberal or conservative. Maybe if that were an option, people wouldn't be so polarized. I want to ask whatever questions I want and be with whomever I choose, regardless of how they vote You're the one who talks about Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan fighting by day, then sharing drinks in the White House at night. And I'm out there in the wilderness, trying to call everybody to the middle for a conversation.The couple broke up, but they are still currently friends.She talked about her relationship with him and she said that she realized that she was gay when they were still dating.During her entire career, she has always maintained a top-notch professionalism over her work.

Their relationship started in 2010 and the couple had children through artificial insemination. The personal life of Sara Gilbert has had many ups and downs.In the same way, she enrolled at American University in Washington D. As a result of her relentless work and talent, her work was applauded and covered news from restricted areas.Due to her dependable communication skills, she was capable enough to interview famous people like George H. She has a net worth of .5 Million but her salary is not revealed yet.Gilbert also had a feature role in “Light It Up” in 1999.Sara has also had several minor roles following “Roseanne”, including the short film “”, aka, “30 Bucks”, as part of the Boys Life 3 feature, and “High Fidelity”.

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She garnered a lot of fame and popularity for anchoring news for Fox News Channel.