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He asks her if she's finished, and when she says that she is, he kisses her again.Later, they're making out in the park and Bay asks Emmett about a few words in sign language.Those questions lead to Bay asking him if he ever speaks with his voice, to what he answers that he doesn't need to.Bay reminds him that she's still learning sign language and she was wondering if meanwhile, he could try to speak with his voice.In The Homecoming, Daphne and Emmett plan a fundraiser for Carlton and Daphne figures out that Emmett is dating Bay when she sees pictures of Bay in the walls.

Bay doesn't tell her about her relationship with Emmett.While escaping from the cops, Bay hurts her hand and Emmett hurts his side.Melody notices that both of them have been hurt and questions Emmett about it, expressing her disgust for Bay.He expresses his interest in taking up speech therapy, which Melody isn't thrilled about and blames Bay for all the changes in Emmett's behavior.Later, they try to achieve Bay's dream of tagging the billboard, but are unsuccessful.

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In The Stag Hunt, Emmett continued helping Bay to find her father and even goes as far as going with her and Daphne to the night club where they thought he worked.

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